Home Monitoring System for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

MS Patients

  • Reduced risk of disability accrual

  • Increased engagement with clinicians

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Help identifying an MS attack

Neurology Clinics

  • Help with treatment decisions and determining treatment efficacy

  • Monitoring of patients without straining bandwidth

  • Quantifying sub-clinical activity between imaging exams

Researcher Groups

  • Novel outcome measure for clinical trials

  • Ability to acquire data from patients in rural or developing country sites with limited access to imaging equipment

The Challenge:

Early treatment and interventions are critically needed to delay disability in the nearly 1 million multiple sclerosis patients currently in the US. However, clinicians have neither the tools nor time to monitor MS patients on a frequent basis.

Our Solution:

The Neuro-i: A wearable and non-invasive retinal imaging device for patient use at home that detects and reports changes in retinal pathology associated with MS disease activity

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