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Meet Our Team

JuneBrain Inc. is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, while team members are mobilized nationwide. Our early success was made possible through our experienced team of biomedical engineers, software developers, neurologists, and ophthalmologists, along with our working collaborations with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Baltimore. OCT Device, artificial intelligence, neurology, optometry 

Every individual harnesses unique and valuable knowledge and professional backgrounds. The diversity of their skills and industry exposure are the driving forces behind JuneBrain’s rapid company growth and expansion over these past 3 years.

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Samantha Scott, PhD

Founder & CEO

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Robin Hellen, MS

Regulatory Specialist


Nuruddin Koraym

Software Engineer


We're Hiring!

R&D Manager

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Reed Walker

CFO Advisor, Quadrant Advisory


Danielle Jones

Executive Assistant

Smaa_Koraym_Headshot (1).jpg

Smaa Koraym, MS

Product Manager

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Deblina De

Assistant Product Manager


Wande Ajose, O.D, MS

Clinical Research Manager

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Ji Hee Kim, PhD

Software Engineer


Victoria Shelton, JD

Legal Assistant & Contract Manager

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Alexander Ramirez

Cyber Security Intern

Our Consultants

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Lloyd Diernisse

Cyber Security Consultant

Christian Viehland

Christian Viehland, PhD

Optical Engineering Consultant

Our Collaborators


Johns Hopkins University

Unviersity of Maryland Baltimore seal.png

University of Maryland, Baltimore


Texas A&M University

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